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Why you should come work for Podio


There’s a job opening at Podio and it’s a job I feel very strongly about since it is my old job. Tommy already wrote a great job description that you can read here. Instead I would like to explain why it has been a great job and what you can expect to learn.

First, a bit of context: About a year ago I had just moved all my things back from Italy and was figuring out what to do after realizing that my plan to launch an italian mobile operator wasn’t viable. Thinking that starting a company is the best thing in the world I came to the decision that working for someone else’s startup must be the second best. I already knew a lot of the Danish startups so when I saw a tweet from Podio CEO Tommy Ahlers that they were looking for people, I was thrilled to get the opportunity and joined just before our public launch in March.

Since I joined I have managed our office in Copenhagen and helped out with setting up our office in San Francisco as well as well as been the assistant to the CEO. And boy have I learned a lot and not always in ways I would have expected.

I think that the main reason you should join Podio is because of what you will get the chance to learn and who you are going to work for. As my first job I don’t feel I could have been luckier to have had a better boss than Tommy and the person who will get the job will  be part of building a fast-growing technololy company form the closest range. It’s everything from preparing meetings, taking part in board meetings, accounting and bookkeeping, how to manage suppliers, make sure contracts are correct and how to constantly make decisions under very uncertain conditions. Your relationship will be based on high levels of trust and freedom to make the decisions you see best. If you make mistakes they are forgiven as long as you are quick to share them and ensure that you learn from them so you don’t repeat them. You will work very hard at times but your effort is never taken for granted and there is a great camaraderie among the team.

I don’t think there are a lot of jobs out there offering this mix of trust, working for someone you respect tremendously and being part of a team whose quality never ceases to make you proud of where you work.

I cannot state enough how incredibly proud I am to have been part of the Podio team and in preparing for my new job I’ve already caught myself preaching so many of the things that I have learned at Podio. There are a lot of  important decisions and initiatives coming up so if you’d like a career within technology and startups then this sort of apprenticeship is an opportunity you will not regret. Go here to send your application.

If you have any questions about the job let me know and I will be happy to answer.



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Posted: december 18th, 2011
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