Choosing colours for your startup

One of my favourite blogs is easily kissmetrics which offers great insights about marketing, webdeisgn and usability.

A couple of weeks ago I read their post about how colours affect purchase decisions and it is does a good job of showing which message different colours convey to US consumers. Startups should think about this when designing their website but don’t overanalyze it and if you are unsure you can run A/B test to test which colours are most effective with your visitors.

While it might seem obvious today that facebook is blue, they actually chose this because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind so since you will be looking at your website a lot, just choose a colour you really like and which supports your products’ message.

You should also look at which colours the existing competitors are using and choose a different one. In the industry I am trying to start a company in, there are few very large companies. Since I have always liked green and none of the current companies use green we chose green and are sticking with that. Choosing colours shouldn’t become a major decision to make and in the early stages and it can be changed if you completely regret it.

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Posted: oktober 4th, 2010
Categories: marketing, startups
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