Bocconi’s Learning Lab

One of the lesser know parts of Bocconi which deserves a lot more recognition is the Bocconi Learning Lab. On a daily basis the learning lab creates various applications and games, primarily for the executive management school SDA Bocconi, however they also do all sorts of hacks on other projects.

I went there a couple a weeks ago to see what my two friends who work there Luca and Luca were up to and they are extremely helpful and passionate about building applications and talking about technology. Their philosophy is inspired by that of 37signals and they’re particularly into building web applications with Ruby on Rails. Very few people know about the Learning Lab and that’s really a shame. I would also hope that a place like the learning lab could organize evening courses or events in general for the Bocconi students who are interested in web and startups. Something like in “web development for beginners” or something like that.

Both Luca and Luca are very helpful and great at explaining complex concepts in a simple no-fuss manner so if you’re at Bocconi and interested in technology you should send them a message or just drop by their office and see if they have time for a chat.

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Posted: oktober 8th, 2010
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