Business Schools are the most Poorly Managed Institutions

It’s ironic that business schools, the places that are supposed to teach people management and leadership, always seem to be very poorly managed them selves. This was said by one of my former professors and I have found it to be surprisingly accurate.
Studying for my undergraduate degree at CBS there was a lot of bureaucracy and overall not a supportive administration. At Bocconi, the administration has been mostly helpful and cooperative, however my view has changes after I have had to register for graduation.
The process is mind-boggling complicated and very kafkaesque.

Here is what you have to do in order to graduate at Bocconi: It’s taken from the incredibly long guide to submitting the thesis and graduating.

  1. Access the thesis procedure online and enter the abstract
  2. Download and print an approval form in 2 copies
  3. Fill out and sign this form
  4. You now give this firm to your advisor who has to sign it
  5. Now hand in the signed approval form to the graduate secretary
  6. Now you’re finally ready to submit your thesis on a CD Rom and collect a receipt for having submitted!

Mind you that this is the very last step and before this you need to have handed in other signed forms and also have approved your internship which goes something like this:

  1. Bring internship documents to the internship office and get a signature
  2. Now get your program director to sign the same document
  3. Go back to the internship office and you can now sign it

It’s incredibly how poorly designed these processes are and they could and should easily change this to make it much less bureaucratic. It’s really a matter of trust and if Bocconi really trust their students they would not need this cumbersome bureaucracy and they could cut down on it and give their students a much better experience.

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Posted: september 25th, 2010
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